The Project

The Project

In process of solving problems connected to moot questions of history of the Central Eastern Europe is substantially important to approach the discussion from professional point of view, not from political or public life’s point. The main goal of the project is the historical clarification of the role of János Esterházy, a controversial historical personality of the Central European region. We would like to reveal the sources of his political carrier and generate discussion.

Project description

János Esterházy could even be a symbol of the historical past of Central Europe, as his political activities had been connected with all the four Visegrad countries, while his present judgment is different in each of the countries concerned. Therefore, the aim of the planned project is that the debate on János Esterházy and, indirectly, on the common history of the Central-European region is shifted to the professional level. In order to achieve this goal, we would like to collect and publish source materials concerning his life and carrier, and hold an evaluating international conference which would give space to diverse viewpoints and aspects while strictly using scientific methods. The only research on activities of Eszterhazy was made by Imre Molnar, who precisely described the Esterhazy’s way of life in his monograph (Life and martyr death of Esterhazy Janos). Similar researches were not made in Slovak, Czech or Polish side up today. The research would be focused on the following fields:

  • János Esterházy as President of the National Christian-Socialist Party (1931-1936)
  • The role of Esterházy in the years of crisis in the Czechoslovak Republic (1936-1939)
  • The role of Esterházy in the Parliament of the Slovak State (1939-1945)
  • János Esterházy and the Jewish Question
  • The trial of Esterházy and his years in prison
  • János Esterházy and the communist secret service
  • The Polish relations of János Esterházy
  •  The role of Esterházy in the Hungarian–Slovak inter-state relations
  •  The after-life of János Esterházy: the cult of Esterházy, the personality of Esterházy in the historical science and education.

The organizations involved to the project implementation are interested in professional exploration of this topic.


The project’s target group

The main target group of the projects represents experts interested in history of the 20th century.

The results of the project can be utilized in many ways.

They will be useful first of all for professionals, including university students. However, since the person of Esterházy is of a wider public interest, we plan to make the results of the research available for as many people as possible, in order to make them help destroy both positive and negative prejudices connected with the person of Esterházy.

In this respect, the topic has a significance beyond itself, since the scientific elaboration of János Esterházy´s person offers space for proving that conflicts in the Central European region can be resolved, if we handle them by appropriate means.